Support for you from the Farm to the Store

Let's take a closer look at what we can do for you:

Production Support
From production plant-attached facilities to on site mixing, seasoning, aging, trimming, deboning and more - Americold has preparation space available should you need additional capacity to handle processing and production activities for almost any product.

Retail Solutions
If you’re the public face for where we all go to shop for our groceries or go out for a meal, then food quality and integrity is second-to-none for you.  You’re the one leaving the final impression with the consumer.  You get it right and your customers become your advocates.  It’s imperative that every step of your temperature-controlled supply chain is secure, handles your food and beverages most appropriately to maintain its integrity, and delivers your orders complete and on-time.

Cold Storage
It's the least we can do for you - store your product at your desired temperature to lock-in flavor and nutrients, and extend its shelf life.  We have several more options for you:

  • Plant Attached
    We can either take over an existing facility or build a new one adjacent to your production site, connect the two, and operate to accomodate and distribute your products after production
  • Customer Dedicated
    A facility you can call your own.  We'll design, build and operate a facility to your specifications allowing you to focus on your core activities
  • Distribution Centers
    Specializing in order management, these facilities can act as your DC or forward DC to coordinate your last-mile requirements
  • Port Facilities
    We can dray to and from the port, stuff or unpack, cross-dock, transload onto or from the rail - anything you need from a port-side facility
  • Public Refrigerated Warehouses
    Flexible space to suit your requirements in the nation's largest network.  We're in every major food production and consumption market - where you need us now, and where you'll need us as you continue to grow

Value-Added Services
If you can't do it at your facility then we will do it at ours:

  • Blast Freezing
  • Tempering
  • Date stamping
  • Pick and pack
  • labeling and repacking
  • Customization postponement and final packaging
  • Kitting
  • Display configuration
  • National Consolidation and Multi Vendor Consolidation programs

We can make your products work while in storage - maximize its downtime to your advantage.

And you can control everything from your
i-3PL Suppl Chain Control portal:

  • Complete, end-to-end Inventory Visibility
  • Self-service Order Entry and Order Management
  • Hold Management functionality for quality control
  • Full Track & Trace capabilities from production to retail
  • KPI Report Management with Report Scheduling
  • Online Appointment Scheduling for your transportation
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet and smart phone use - access inventory management tools wherever you are



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